Training ‘Pitch your business in 60 seconds’

In this training you will create the perfect one minute pitch for your business. This 60-second presentation is useful when you meet prospective clients or partners, at network events or when meeting new people at social events. Having your pitch ready will help you to achieve professional goals faster, attract new clients and partners, gain edge over competitors and strengthens your brand. It is all about creating opportunities, even when you have only one minute.

In this interactive training we will go through all the steps of creating an impactful pitch: crafting and delivering it and how to use it in different situations. You will be up on your feet several times to practice in small groups.

After this training you:

  • know how to create a positive first impression and to engage your listeners
  • know how to avoid the common pitfalls when pitching
  • have your own, clear structured one-minute pitch ready
  • have practised your pitch and have received feedback
  • know how to follow-up after the pitch


  • In English or Dutch
  • Half a day, full day or two days
  • A powerboost of 45 min
  • A tailored training for your organisation or team