Pitch trainings for entrepreneurs and professionals
It is not always easy to present your qualities in a straightforward manner to a potential client, employer, partner, investor or other stakeholder – although this is more and more often required. Having a powerful pitch ready will help you to achieve professional goals faster, attract new clients and partners, differentiate from others and is useful at e.g. networking events and job interviews. It is all about creating opportunities, even when you have only one minute.

Highly interactive and real-life approach
The trainings and workshops are highly interactive and participants work on real cases. Participants will be up on their feet most of the time. All trainings can be tailored for your team or organization and can be held in Dutch and English.


  • In Dutch or English
  • A power boost of 45 minutes or half-a day, a full day or two full days training
  • Workshops of 3 hours
  • Tailored trainings