Marie Hartmann, Domesta

‘Anna moderated an important event for the real estate department and for tenants of Domesta. She did this in an effective manner and created a very positive atmosphere. I highly recommend to work with Anna.’

Marie Hartmann, Domesta
Alexandra Cilliotta, Storytelling Community Bucharest

‘I would say Anna Heijker is one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She did a great job as one of the speakers at ‘Meet the Storytellers – Overcoming Adversity’. Anna inspired the audience by sharing a story about challenges in business. I would highly recommend Anna for her message, her energy and her humanity.’

Alexandra Cilliotta, Storytelling Community Bucharest
Connor Sattely

Anna provided a high quality and timely pitch training to a group of diverse entrepreneurs from a dozen different countries. All of the entrepreneurs she trained reported feeling significantly better about their pitch, and told us repeatedly that the quality of the training was very high.

Connor Sattely Business Acceleration Agent, HiiL Justice Accelerator
Marius Stroe, Twitter

‘I had the chance to work with Anna during Young Leaders Club – Entrepreneurs Summer School, where I had to prepare for a pitch to support my business. Anna proved to be an awesome trainer whom needed only a couple of hours to have me come a long way to the most impactful pitch for investors. I had no experience at all upfront. I plan to continue our collaboration for a long time. I highly recommend Anna for a real boost in your pitching aptitudes.’

Marius Stroe, Twitter Software Engineer
Arabela Margean, Procter & Gamble

‘Anna has successfully delivered a highly interactive pitch training for the Purchasing Department within Procter&Gamble Romania. The learning mode was set from the beginning to all 40+ attendees. The interactive atmosphere kept us all active throughout the entire session and I personally loved how present Anna was at every moment! Anna made us all think about ourselves and how to effectively put that into a 1 minute speech. A few impressions from participants: ‘Excellent content’, ‘Great speaker, interactive and knowledgeable’, ‘Good crowd management and high interest’. The participants loved the training session and they would like to have more of these in the future! Anna, thank you once again and I hope we will work together again very soon!’

Arabela Margean, Procter & Gamble
John McKellar, Bridging the Gap – NGO Academy

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Anna Heijker on many occasions as she has provided her experience and knowledge during our NGO Breakfast Sessions, which invites individuals from NGO’s to learn from experts. Anna has led sessions on ‘Sharpen Your Presentation Skills’ and ‘How To Build A Personal Brand’, which were interactive and informative. The feedback for these sessions was extremely positive, including comments on her positive energy, inspiring presentation style and the self-realisation by the participants. I would recommend working Anna because not only is she smart and professional, she exudes energy, knowledge and creativity through wit, humour and class.’

John McKellar, Bridging the Gap – NGO Academy
Raluca Stavaru, Business Days

‘Anna was appointed to hold a speech at Business Days in July 2015. She proved to be very thorough in preparing her presentation, which was both rich in content and captivating. She shared with the audience how a bilateral chamber of commerce can help entrepreneurs to grow their business. We received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Anna is a great person to work with and also a passionate professional in her field, putting a lot of energy in her work.’

Raluca Stavaru, Business Days
Gentiana Avrigeanu, Swiss-Romanian Chamber of Commerce

‘Anna has delivered the training ‘How to pitch your business in 60 seconds’ for the members of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania (CCER). Anna has a high energy level and during the interactive training with real-life examples participants have sharpened the messages about their companies. The result is that they feel more confident and they are ready to create new business opportunities. We look forward to next trainings with Anna!’

Gentiana Avrigeanu, Swiss-Romanian Chamber of Commerce Executive Director
Andrei Ignat, EA Games

Anna created a presentation for potential sponsors for our conference ITdevConnect – Tech, fun and inspiration. We used this presentation during meetings with potential sponsors, multinationals in the IT industry, and we had good results.

At the conference itself Anna took care of the after lunch presentation. Having an after lunch dip was impossible, because Anna made us laugh and prepared us for the rest of the conference program. I recommend to work with Anna if you are looking for a presenter with a high energy level, who is always well-prepared and makes sure the goals of the conference will be met. We look forward to work with Anna in the frame of the second edition of ITdevConnect!

Andrei Ignat, EA Games Technical Director
Valentina Tirlea

I have attended the workshop Elevator Pitching organized by Anna hoping to improve my self presentation skills when given a very brief time frame.
Anna delivered a brilliant workshop, extremely well structured and organized and, most importantly, doubled by practical exercises that really made all the difference. When I left the workshop, I already had an optimized, highly focused elevator pitch to use with my potential clients. I would definitely recommend her skills and energetic vibe to anyone looking to get fast, practical results regarding their communication abilities.

Valentina Tirlea Online Marketing Specialist
Roxana Pascariu

Anna has successfully delivered the very first workshop on Pitching in Iasi for JCI Iasi Business Networking Event which brought together 86 entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. The participants greatly enjoyed the interactive activities and well-structured content which effectively prepared them for the speed networking sessions, enhancing their presentation skills in order to create more business opportunities. As a Project Manager, it’s been a great pleasure working with Anna due to her professionalism and high quality standards and values.

Roxana Pascariu Business English Specialist and Project Manager, Business Networking Event 2014 | JCI Iasi
Roxana Cernescu

Anna helped me to create a one minute pitch for my company MindIt. We worked one-on-one and Anna explained me the technique for the pitch. Afterwards we worked on the structure for the pitch and how to deliver it with impact. Anna is a good listener and she gave me valuable feedback. The result is that I feel very confident when I go to networking events or when I have to present my company at other occasions.

Roxana Cernescu Client Representative, MindIt
Adina David, Women in Business Romania

‘Anna was the speaker of one of our Meet the WOMAN! business networking events in which we discussed about personal branding and how to create a name for yourself even when you are in a new place in life or you have to start over. It was a truly inspirational speech, filled with her personal experience and passion, and it sparked an interesting discussion between the participants. It was a great experience and we would recommend working with Anna any time.’

Adina David, Women in Business Romania PR at Women in Business Romania
Rucsandra Toma

Five days after Anna’s workshop on pitching I had to meet a new client and deliver a presentation. What I learned was fresh in my mind, and without even realising it, I applied most of the things that Anna had explained at the training. The result was exquisite: not only did I manage to make a very good impression but I also retained the client. So, having Anna as a trainer was useful, fun and productive. […] Rucsandra Toma Senior facilitator, BRBC

Liana Buzea, We plant good deeds Romania

‘Anna was perfect for us. In a couple of hours we organised a pitch from scratch and we passed from being nervous to presenting our idea with a playful attitude. The result? A pitch with impact! On both the jury and the audience of the 60Days Challenge.’

Liana Buzea, We plant good deeds Romania We plant good deeds Romania
Iuliana Agafitei

Anna’s approach was really useful and she has provided a very structured and efficient way of pitching yourself or the company you work for. Anna was really determined to actually get us to practice, improve and give feedback on our pitching skills. […] I would definitely recommended her to any professional or company who wishes to enhance their pitching skills since I trust Anna has the ability to adapt to any industry or professional background.

Iuliana Agafitei Marketing Analyst
Simona Straut

I joined Anna’s training on professional networking at the Dutch-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, because I wanted to learn more about the technique of elevator pitching. Anna designed a very clear, sharp and focused training and delivered it in a very interactive way. […] The result of this training is that I now feel very confident about my attitude and the words I use when the time to talk with a potential client is limited. About joining Anna’s training on professional networking I would say: go for it, it will challenge you and you will be pleasantly surprised. Invest the time in it, it’s worth it!

Simona Straut Managing Director , Cocoon branding
Cristina Andreescu, AFS

‘Anna delivered a very structured training with a real life approach, which made it easy to apply what I learned. The exercises in the training gave me the opportunity to present my company to potential business partners right away and this actually brought me follow-up meetings after the training. Having the pitch for my company ready is very useful in on spot situations.’

Cristina Andreescu, AFS Account manager
Diana Turturica

Working with Anna offered a solution to a little self-improvement issue that I have been meaning to fix for a while. I know that being able to construct such an elevator pitch is something that will be useful both in my professional, as well as in my personal life, no matter how I decide to switch jobs, careers, occupations. […] Being able to pitch your business in 60 seconds, you can open the doors to new business opportunities and contacts.

Diana Turturica Attorny, Ionesc si Sava, SCA