Whether my role is to present performers, interview speakers, or maintain the pace of the evening, I keep the audience engaged and your event alive. A professional moderator I keep dialogues in flow, enforce any rules of a debate or panel, and ensure that all parties are able to share their thoughts.

Experience, enthusiasm and energy
I hold a master’s degree in Dutch language and literature (graduated with honours) and specialized in how to create a strong message in oral communication. In the four years I lived in Bucharest I hosted many international seminars, dinners for 150+ C-level executives and events. My clients say they like my structured way of working and my enthusiasm. Find references on this page.

Preparation and meeting design
I help you to create a memorable, well executed program. What are the objectives of your event? How would you like to engage and energise the audience? Together we translate the objectives of your event into an effective and interesting program.

During the event
During the event you don’t have to worry about the schedule, because I will guide the proceedings and manage time in a friendly and effective way. I set the stage for your topics and speakers, engage the audience, facilitate questions and debate and ensure a memorable impact for your audience.